A Guide for Home Birth Partners

The Doing It At Home podcast and entire community was created with the desire to share empowering stories around home birth. This is not just for the mother or birthing parent, but for the dad or birth partner as well. 

We felt inspired  to create a separate resource addressing this role. Just as there are different ways to birth, there are different ways to support a birth. How you do it and what will best serve you, mother and baby, is ultimately up for you to determine as a team. To help you in that process, we spoke to a few home birth dads/partners to get their perspectives and answer some of the biggest questions that come up around being a partner in a home birth.


You'll read about:

  • Overcoming fears and processing feelings

  • Levels of involvement and how to show up in the birth

  • The impact of the birth experience on a birth partner

  • Tips and suggestions to prepare as a birth partner

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