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We help future and current parents believe in their success with
We have created a space around empowering, loving and real conversations when it comes to home birth. Through the podcast, community, resources and coaching we provide, we are here to serve and share the home b.i.r.t.h. mindset:
So cozy up, and get ready for all the #birthjunkie and #birthmagic
This is Doing It At Home.

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Our mission is to empower moms and families to make the birth decision that's most aligned with them. Whether it's doing it at home, or not.


We advocate educating yourself, knowing your options and choosing what resonates in your heart. 

We know home birth may not be for every family, but empowering yourself is!


With whatever you choose we want you to know that you are amazing, you can do it, and that you are supported. 

With love,

Sarah and Matthew


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“We’re doing it at home!”

That’s the response my husband and I gave when people asked us about our birth plans....

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