We’re in a time where more conversation around home birth is coming up.

For different reasons and inspirations, we’re seeing women and families considering and switching to home birth. 


In the spirit and support of this great opportunity to honor and normalize our different birth options, we’re holding the intention for this to create greater compassion and collaboration within the birth world to empower and educate pregnant humans and parents. 


So, if you find yourself considering home birth or switching to it - we’ve compiled a playlist of episodes of the

Doing It At Home podcast that we believe will serve you best as you navigate this process.

Maybe your care provider/plan has shifted, maybe resources are limited and/or maybe you no longer feel safe or supported in your current birth plan environment.

You might have thought about home birth at one point in time, or thought it was the last thing you would ever do.


These stories and conversations cover the spectrum of experiences and mindsets -- from families who shifted to home birth at all different time frames during pregnancy to addressing any mix of fears, doubts, resistance, myths and more. This playlist was designed specifically for those who are new to the concept of home birth and now find themselves planning one (especially when it was not the original plan) as well as those who might still be considering their options and are not quite sure how to proceed.


You can listen to any of the episodes in any order. The DIAH podcast is also available on all major podcast platforms. 



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