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204: HOME BIRTH STORY - Making (Home) Birth and Motherhood Your Own Experience with Olivia Miller

How often do we carry fears from other people’s births into our own?

In today’s story, you’ll hear about how you can make birth and motherhood your own unique journey. We’re chatting with our friend Olivia Miller about her 3 births (hospital, home and planned home birth moved to a hospital, in that order).

Olivia is a chiropractor with a family and lifestyle that she describes as “unstructured...an unplanned adventure.” She and her husband Kyle have three children together: Jeremiah, Gavin and Kylie.

Olivia walks us through her gradual entrance into the world of home birth, after having a hospital birth with her first, she felt ready and confident to have a home birth for her second, after some support and encouragement from a friend.

Olivia’s third birth was planned for home, and those plans shifted when baby decided to arrive a few weeks early.