HOME BIRTH STORY - 11 Births, An 11 Pound Baby and A Male Midwife with Danyel Filipovich

January 23, 2018




What do you do when you’re 41 plus weeks pregnant and your doctor is pressuring to induce and you don’t want to?


For Danyel, that answer was to switch to home birth! For her, she felt “like a caged bird in a hospital” in her previous births, and took this as an opportunity to experience something different. Oh, and let’s mention this here - while this would be Danyel’s first home birth, it would be her 10th birth.


This episode has so many firsts for the Doing It At Home podcast that it’s difficult to keep track of them.


First of all, Danyel has had the most children of anyone we’ve interviewed on the show. 11 total, to be exact. And for her 10th birth, her first at home with her son Jethro - he weighed in at 11 pounds 12 ounces! And her birth team included a male midwife as her backup birth attendant. And that birth attendant? Her brother, Mykl! And guess what - Mykl joins us in the interview, to share his experience as a male midwife and he chimes in to help retell the births that he was present for. Danyel and Mykl both share their perspectives of Danyel’s 11th birth with her daughter Gloria (and by the way, Danyel was 42 years old when she had Gloria), where Mykl was the primary birth attendant. And he and his wife are currently preparing for their 8th birth, themselves going the hospital route for their first 3 children and switching to home by the 4th.


So you see how incredible this episode is, right?! Just go listen to it, right now, to soak up all the awesomeness. It was such a gift to chat with Danyel and Mykl and hear their stories.


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