HOME BIRTH STORY: The 11 Pound Home Birth Baby with Natalie Bancroft and Laura Fifield

May 2, 2017




In today’s episode we’re talking with Natalie Bancroft and Laura Fifield, two amazing women who are linked with a quite famous recent birth story. You see Natalie, a birth photographer and doula as well as a mama of 3, gave birth to her third baby earlier this year at home. And baby Simon weighed 11 lbs. 2 oz!!! And Laura, Natalie’s friend, birth photographer and mama of 2, was there to document the experience.


Some of the amazing photos from the birth, namely one that features Natalie holding her newly birthed bundle of adorable squish with this elated, shocked, goddess-like expression of “wow!” has been featured far and wide. Publications like Today Show, Hello Giggles and even People have featured the image on their sites. 


We were so grateful and excited to speak with these awesome women. They share insights from the birth photography community, which is small in their city of Spokane, WA. We get to hear about some of the memorable births they’ve been able to document.


Natalie talks about her journey to home birth, having her first in a hospital, and deciding that she wanted a different experience for future births. Her second was a beautiful home birth, and she knew she’d have another one for her third.


It wasn’t long into the pregnancy that she realized baby number 3 was going to be larger than the others. Natalie’s belly was so much larger, in fact, that they went for an ultrasound towards the end of the pregnancy to find out if she was having twins! Turns out, she wasn’t. This baby was just that big.


When birthing time came around, everyone was prepared and peaceful. And the whole experience was only about 4 hours!


Both these women are total rockstars and inspiration for the birthing community. We’re honored to have them join the DIAH podcast and share a story that has reached so many. Enjoy!


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