HOME BIRTH STORY: 2 Unassisted Home Births with Jani Barnes

August 29, 2018




What do you do when you were born at home yourself, over 30 of your cousins have been born at home and you have over 40 chiropractors in your extended family?


It’s a safe assumption that you’d have your babies at home too! For our guest Jani Barnes, having babies at home was all she knew. So having both of her children at home, unassisted, was a no brainer.


Her husband Greg is a chiropractor, and was fully on board and supportive of the process. We talk to Jani about some of mental preparation she did for her births, and she impresses upon the need for positive information and conversation leading up to your birth (regardless of where or how you do it).


Then we get to hear the birth stories of her babes Nora and Leo.



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