Reactions To Home Birth From Family, Friends and Strangers

September 21, 2016




When you’re expecting, it’s very common to hear the question, “Where are you delivering?” If not that specifically, people generally ask about your doctor or your doctor visits.


Whether it’s close friends and family or total strangers, most will insert some sort of advice or personal experience to whatever birth plan it is you’ve chosen.


It can be even more interesting when you share that your birth plan involves a home birth. Queue awkward silences, uncomfortable jokes and even sometimes downright judgement. That’s what we’re talking about in this episode: what we’re calling the “pushbacks.”


They are the often well-intentioned but poorly executed gestures and words to share varying degrees of care and concern for yours and your baby’s well-being.


But it’s great because it gives you a chance to exercise patience and understanding. It might even help you confirm why you’re considering or chose home birth.


Matthew and I have grown to love the pushbacks, and we share some examples of ones we received.


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