The 10 Best Things We Did For Our Home Birth Prenatal Care

September 28, 2016



We preface this episode with a little disclaimer and I feel it necessary to include it here as well - WE ARE NOT DOCTORS OR MEDICAL EXPERTS AND WE ARE NOT GIVING MEDICAL ADVICE.


Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get into some fun stuff. Today we’re talking about our top 10 list for prepping for our home birth. We found that these were the things that helped us throughout pregnancy - from the mental prepping to physical activity to some natural products and even spiritual and energetic exercises.


We’ve been very keen on having the most powerful and peaceful homebirth experience possible. And we know for that to happen, it requires some conscious and proactive action on our part.


So here’s a quick recap of the 10 (in no particular order of importance) for you:

  1. Working with midwives. Not just working with {amazing} midwives - but having hour-long prenatal appointments with them every time we met (which was a huge contrast from the hour-plus we would spend at the OBGYN - to physically meet with the doctor for an average of about 8 minutes).

  2. Chiropractic care. This came recommended by the midwives and boy am I glad I did it. It started as a habit of prenatal care for me, but ended up into a family affair and was something Matthew and I did together each week.

  3. Yoga. Tons of pregnant women sign the praises of prenatal yoga. It’s mind, body, spirit alignment. And an awesome space to practice your breathing!

  4. Exercise. Beyond yoga, I “worked out” about twice a week, supplementing jogging (which I did up until 36 weeks pregnant), walking and other stuff to stay active.

  5. Pool. This is something I did not do enough. But swimming in a pool was such a glorious thing. I highly recommend it.

  6. Natural products. Here are some links to a few we mention in this episode:

    1. Slippery Elm -

    2. Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics -

    3. Witch Hazel Pads -

  7. Nutrition. My biggest realization here was that I’m not actually eating for 2. Instead I kept to what I knew worked for me.

  8. Meditation. Specifically Hypnobabies childbirth hypnosis classes. I did the self guided route and have loved it.

  9. A supportive community. It truly takes a village to raise a child - and that process starts in pregnancy. Matthew and I have been so blessed with amazing, loving people to help us prepare for this epic journey of birth and parenthood.

  10. Working on yourself! I took as best advantage as I could of this time to think about the person and mother I want to be - who I want to model for baby Maya and how that’s going to play a part in every other aspect of my life as well.











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