Seriously?!? Dealing With Unsolicited Pregnancy Advice And Commentary From Strangers

October 26, 2016




I had always heard pregnancy can be a vulnerable time. You’re dealing with a lot of changes - physically and emotionally. Not to mention, the more pregnant you become, the more obvious your circumstance is to anyone who lays eyes on you.


And for some reason, actually lots of reasons - there’s something about a big, beautiful belly that attracts a lot of attention.


There comes a time when you can’t walk through the grocery store without being approached with a question or comment on your pregnancy. It’s kinda like a weird form of celebrity. And while some of it is sweet and affirming, others make for an uncomfortable encounter.


Like the unsolicited advice and opinions. I actually had a woman in a restaurant apologize to me when I told her I was having a girl.


Oh, and then there are those who take it a step further and feel compelled to touch your belly. Yep, that happened.


So how do you respond to these people who test your patience and tempt you to kick them in the shins? For me, it involved a lot of deep, intentional breathing.


Listen to more of our story on traversing the challenges of unsolicited comments and advice on pregnancy and birth from the strangers of the world.


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