An Intimate And Unforgettable Message From My Husband During My Home Birth Active Labor

October 26, 2016




In this episode, I invite you into a precious and intimate moment.


You see, during the early parts of birthing time (labor), we placed a recorder in the room - to capture the experience and be able to listen back to it later on.


While I was moving through my birthing waves (contractions) in the bathtub, Matthew tended to me by bringing me water and snacks along with affirming me and contacting our midwife with updates.


I would later find out that during one of the times Matthew left the room, he took the recorder with him. And he would then record one of the most amazing pieces of audio I’ve ever listened to.


A few days later, he shared the recording with me. And now I’m sharing it with all of you, along with my response to it.


Why am I choosing to let you in on this? Because I think it’s important to hear about the magic of this experience. Because by sharing this, it creates the opportunity for its impact to be magnified by anyone who might hear it and be influenced.


I want women and their partners to feel empowered and inspired to create their own magical and intimate moments - in birth and beyond.


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