HOME BIRTH STORY: When Things Don’t Go As Planned: Leonie’s Honest Birth Story

November 9, 2016




Today’s episode was inspired by a listener email. Leonie, listening all the way in Australia, reached out to share her birth story. She had planned for a minimal intervention birth in a midwife led public hospital program (way to go Australis!) but things didn’t go exactly as anticipated.


Her email was amazing - raw, honest and transparent -  and at the end she had a few questions for me about home birth, my connection to Maya, and more.


So when we received this email we knew we wanted to record an episode with our response.


Here are the questions we cover in this episode:

  • Sarah how did you feel after Maya was born? Did you feel an instant connection? Can you go into this time a bit for us?

  • How do you feel now weeks down the track, looking back? Do you look back with any regrets, and trauma, and worries?

  • How do you feel overall about the home birth concept, how did it fit into your dream/vision? Is there anything you would change? Is there anything your would recommend?


Leonie, and every mom and family out there with similar stories and questions, this one is for you!


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