Is Home Birth Messy?

November 16, 2016




In today’s episode we address the question, “Is home birth messy?”


Here’s the truth on mess during a home birth: YES there are parts of it that can be messy (as I’m sure you can imagine), but you do not have to make a mess while giving birth at home.


With the right supplies, preparation, and team, you can have a completely comfortable, mess free home birth. I guarantee it!


Listen as we share tips to keep your home birth as mess free as possible, give you a list of the things you’ll want to have on hand and set up before hand to ensure your birth is as pleasant as possible.


List of recommended supplies and resources to keep home birth from being messy

  • Plastic mattress cover like this one or this one.

  • Towels, towels, and then more towels of all sizes - full bath towels and hand towels; and set aside a couple along with a blanket that you’ll save to wrap baby up in

  • Bowls to collect things - like ice, vomit or your placenta (not all in the same bowl though!)

  • Trash bags - you can line bowls with them and collect anything from trash to used towels, etc.

  • Plastic tarp (especially if using a baby pool)

  • Adult diapers and pads for after birth

  • Latex disposable gloves

  • If planning to labor or birth in water, a pool. This is the one we used.

This is the website we used to purchase our birth kit (Selected and recommended by our midwives. Double check with your midwives or doula to see if they have a birth kit package or list they recommend as well.) 


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