HOME BIRTH STORY - A Home Birth Story and A Birth Center Story with Maria Mengel

December 28, 2016


Here we have another magical home birth story for you. Maria reached out to us after listening to the show and felt inspired to share her experience of home birth.


We love stories like these - full of candor, vulnerability and humor. Maria has the experience and perspective of giving birth in a birthing center as well as at home, so we were really excited to sit down and pick her brain about it all.


We learn about the birthing center experience and why Maria was certain on the drive home with her new daughter that she’d never do it like that again. We also hear about the process of home birth, and what can happen when your waters break and you don’t go into labor that day...or even the next day!


Birth was such a transformational experience for Maria that it ignited a passion that would shift her career. She became a doula and now owns a business dedicated to birth work which includes placenta encapsulation and childbirth education.


Here are the resources mentioned in the episode:


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