My Home Birth Postpartum Experience

January 9, 2017



Hey all, Sarah here. In this episode I’m solo and talking all about my home birth postpartum experience.


I’m currently almost 4 months postpartum, and it’s been quite the journey for me. Postpartum is this fascinating transition stage of life - first off, you just launched a human being from your body! And for a first-time mom like me, not only are you learning what the heck this whole motherhood thing is about - you’re adjusting to the new normal of a seemingly endless cycle of feeding, diaper changing and “moments” of shut eye. You’re responsible for keeping a little creature alive, whilst trying to figure out why you’re leaking from every orifice, your organs are bouncing around and you’re starving all the time (or at least that was the case for me).


Postpartum could be its own series of episodes...nay, probably a whole podcast dedicated to it. For now, I take one episode to skim the surface of my experience and how it ties in with our home birth.


I talk about:

  • First stages of postpartum after home birth

  • Postnatal visits with midwives

  • Healing a delivery tear (ouch!)

  • Placenta pills

  • Breastfeeding and mastitis

  • Postpartum sex

  • Diastasis recti (aka ab separation) and post-baby weight loss


And here's a link to the Stuff You Should Know Podcast episode on breastfeeding


You can sign up to be notified for the new version of the Balance Chart tool that I mention here, if you are so excited and can’t wait and are interested in getting on the current version, you can email me at and I can help you out.


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