HOME BIRTH STORY: Normal, Natural and Joyful Childbirth with Anne Margolis

January 27, 2017




It’s really exciting when things you put out into the Universe come together. That’s how I feel about this episode.


I had been following Anne Margolis of Home Sweet Home Birth for a while. I love the work she does and her influence of empowering women around holistic birth. With over 21 years of experience as a home birth midwife, more certifications than I have fingers, knowledge in all things pregnancy, birth and postpartum, and not to mention an Instagram following of over 47,000 people, it’s safe to say that Anne is a leader in the space of home birth. I knew we had to have her on the show.


When we finally connected, it’s so easy to see how Anne has touched so many lives. I could sit and listen to her talk for hours.


Anne has 4 children: 2 born in a hospital and 2 born at home (in that order). She brings the perspective of not only giving birth in a hospital, but also working in one as an obstetric nurse - an experience which oddly enough created a lot of fear for her around giving birth.


When she made the switch to midwifery and eventually opened up her own home birth practice, she describes it like “coming home.”

Anne is brilliant, personable and funny. This interview is chock-full of great quotes, tidbits of information and morsels on resources for you all to take advantage of. I say listen to this one with a notepad and pen. Listen, pause and re-listen. It’s a great one!


Here's how to learn more about Anne and Home Sweet Home Birth:


Website: http://homesweethomebirth.com/


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/homesweethomebirth/


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/homesweethomebirth




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