Preparing Your Space For Your Home Birth

February 3, 2017



In this episode we’re talking about ways in which you can prepare the physical space (i.e. your home) for your home birth. For our home birth, Matthew and I were very intentional in wanting to create a peaceful, comfortable, relaxing space to welcome Maya into the world. We were also gifted with incredibly fabulous things like a home cleaning and a “homebirth space setting” ceremony, which really helped create the most amazing environment for birth. So in this episode we share with you all the things that worked for us and some ideas to help make your home birth space as magical as it can be.


--- Rough Episode Transcript ---


Ways to prepare the space for home birth - beyond the medical supplies and the “must-haves”:

  • Candles

  • Music

  • Decorations

  • Hire cleaners beforehand (or have friends do it like ours did)

    • Especially if you have pets; don’t want pet hair all over the place when you’re laboring

  • Sage, some kind of clearing of the space

Which leads into our specific example...


There are a lot of awesome things you can do, by yourself, with your partner or family/extended community members and I wanted to share a recent experience I had and how it impacted me as we prepare for birth anytime over the next couple of weeks.


Group of women gathered at our house - unbeknownst to me


The Ceremony:

  • We all sat in a circle and shared our names, our mother’s name and our grandmothers’ names

  • Then everyone shared a significant motherhood story - whether they were mothers and shared their birth story or something about their kids or how they have helped raised others, or a story from when they were a baby

  • Then each woman gave a token representing something significant to them and they were strung together on a necklace

  • We drummed and sang and hugged

  • Then we decorated the birth room - have nice things to look at during the birthing process

Fantastic method to prepare for your homebirth.


So that’s one idea, but I’m sure there’s a million awesome things you could do to prepare and put yourself in the space...just about what aligns best with you.


Have you done something like this or do you have any ideas for one?


Shoot us an email at or message us on Instagram and tell us how you prepared your space for your home birth : )


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