HOME BIRTH STORY: Moving While Pregnant, Holistic Living and Home Birth Research with Carissa Breen

November 22, 2017





In today’s episode we’re talking with Carissa Breen about her home birth journey and story. Carissa and her husband Ryan planned the home birth for their first baby, River, while simultaneously planning a move across the country.


As a very holistic person herself, in school for holistic nutrition, Carissa was not interested in a hospital birth. So she dove into research mode and felt confident making an educated decision that home birth was in fact a safe option for her and her baby. For her, she “let the research speak for itself.” So then came the task of finding a midwife in a new location. She Skype interviewed with a few midwives and eventually found the perfect match for her.

Read Carissa’s email to us below to see a little bit more from her perspective and how she related to her pregnancy and birth. Also check out the episode notes for some of the many resources that she mentions in our conversation.


We found out I was pregnant while living in Los Angeles, CA. We lived there for almost 10 years and were planning to move out to Madison, WI, but still had to find a place to live, pack, and make the final drive out. Ryan, my husband, and I really knew nothing about home birth and just sort of assumed it had to be done in a hospital. But, I'm a very holistic person. I was (and still am) in school for holistic nutrition and the idea of a hospital birth just didn't jive with me. So I began looking for midwives and found a perfect match waiting for me in Madison. She informed me all about home births, how safe they are, and how empowering a drug and interference-free pregnancy can truly be. I said, "sign me up!". I had a beautiful pregnancy and birth with no complications or medications. We welcomed our new son into this world, in our bedroom, on December 21st (the solstice), 2016. There were definitely some total surprises and unforeseen turns, as I'm sure every pregnancy has, but overall, deciding to have our baby at home was a true right of passage for me and one of the most empowering decisions Ryan and I have ever made.


Show Notes:


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