HOME BIRTH STORY: 53-Hour Labor, Hospital Transfer and a Badass Mama with Bekah Kitchens and Jesse Carroll

December 12, 2018





When asked a question by a care provider, do you have to respond right away?


Most of us don’t know or realize that we have choice. And especially when it’s not an emergency, we can take time to process and decide what we want to do and even refuse what doesn’t work for us.


This is a powerful message from our guests in today’s episode, who experienced this firsthand during the birth of their son while in the hospital after transferring from their home birth plan. And it’s a special treat because we got to speak with both mom and dad, Bekah and Jesse Carroll.


Bekah’s journey to home birth actually started when she was back in high school and did a speech on birth interventions. That, plus her mom is a doula. And Jesse comes from a family where his 3 siblings were born at home. So it made sense to them to plan for a home birth for their son Benji.


After 36 hours of labor and being only 5 cm dilated, the team made the decision to transfer. This was a smooth transition thanks to a bridge program, a way to make home birth transfers easier for families and care providers, with her hospital.


So listen in to hear the beautiful story, and why Jesse thinks his wife is such a badass!






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