HOME BIRTH STORY: A Chiropractic Mama At A Birthing Center with Emily Lucchino

May 24, 2017





In today's episode we're talking to mama Emily Lucchino about giving birth at a birth center, being a natural mama, and how chiropractic practices factored into her prenatal care.


Meet Emily, chiropractor, doula-in-training, mama to Ava Grace, wife to Joe, and lover of all things natural. Emily grew up on a farm and familiar with what it’s like to live off the land. She shares that when they weren’t feeling well in her home, they used hand-picked herbs, flowers and other natural remedies for healing.


It makes sense that Emily was drawn to school for chiropractic care, being in alignment (pun intended!) with natural healthcare and living. Her husband Joe had a more modern upbringing. So when it came time to decide what to do when they became pregnant, it was a big test of their marriage.


To set the scene, Emily and Joe got pregnant just after getting married, at the same time their careers were taking off. So here they are with multiple new life experiences and figuring out how to navigate it all. They asked themselves, “are we ready for this?!”


Emily originally wanted a home birth. After some discussion and compromising with Joe, they decided on a birthing center. Emily takes us through the process of this decision, along with some of the deep self-work she did while pregnant. She’s excited to share her story because it’s an opportunity to re-write the script of what you typically hear around birth. And she also answers the million dollar question for us - Will they do a home birth for baby number 2?!


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