HOME BIRTH STORY: A Fairytale Pregnancy and Home Birth After 2 Years of Infertility with Sam Peters

July 19, 2017




In today's episode we're talking with new mama Sam Peters about her truly amazing and inspiring home birth story of her son Brooks.


Sam reached out to us via email a few months ago, thanking us for doing the show and spreading the empowering conversation around home birth. She opened up and shared part of her story with us. We had to have her on the show.


Sam represents empowered, magical, healing birth after the trials and heartache of trying to conceive (TTC). She and her husband Brady were faced with numerous obstacles over the course of 2 years. From reproductive endocrinologists to urologists, tests, inseminations, procedures….it was a lot to handle.


Once they became pregnant, they were interested in less intervention for the pregnancy and birth because of all of what they experienced to conceive.


Sam describes her fairytale pregnancy - how vibrant she felt. Beautiful. Like a goddess. You know that’s speaking our language!


Sam also shares the experience of finding a midwife in a small town in Indiana.


And guess what?! They’re pregnant with baby number 2 - due in a few months. And they’re planning for another home birth. We’re so happy and excited for this sweet family to keep growing!





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