A Few Updates, Beyonce and Jay-z’s Home Birth and Word Association Games

August 6, 2017




In today’s episode, you get a little bit of a glimpse of our wacky world and Matthew’s and my silly banter.


Heads up on the audio for this episode: we know it’s not the most awesome thing ever. We’re kinda snobs about our audio quality (well, Matthew definitely is!), so it was quite irritating when we realized there was an issue after we recorded. Oh well, the show must go on! So if you didn’t notice anything, then forget we said anything!


Anyway, in this episode we’re just having fun. We’re keeping it pretty light and breezy, unscripted and our goofy, uncensored selves.


We go over some updates and future things for Doing It At Home, also touch on some of the recent news in the birthing world. Like have you heard of this couple named Beyonce and Jay-Z? Well they’re kinda a big deal, and they just happened to welcome twins into the world - and technically in a home birth if the articles are correct.


And then things get really crazy - Matthew and I play a fun little word association game: home birth edition! Listen to find out what comes to Matthew’s mind when I throw out birth related words to him in rapid-fire fashion! Let’s just say we had a few laughs! Enjoy!




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