HOME BIRTH STORY: A Home Birth Story After a Torn Cervix and Years of Infertility with Jenn Irizarry

July 4, 2018





Where did your journey to birth begin?


For today’s guest Jenn Irizarry, her story links back to a life-threatening accident she had when she was 17 that tore her cervix. She had emergency surgery as a result of the internal bleeding and shock. 44 staples in her abdomen down to her pelvis later, Jenn was just happy to be alive. She wasn’t too caught up in the conversation that doctors brought up of the likelihood of her ability to have children.


But fast forward to when she and her husband Mike were trying to conceive, fertility became a popular topic. They went through rounds of unsuccessful IUIs and began the discussion of saving for IVF. In the process, she started seeing a Chinese Medicine doctor for acupuncture and a variety of herbs.


Spoiler alert - Jenn gets pregnant naturally and she made the switch from an OB to a midwife and home birth plan around 20 weeks.


We get to hear the whole birth story and what this meant to Jenn after such an emotional journey.


Show Notes




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