HOME BIRTH STORY: A Home Birth Story and Challenges in Postpartum and Breastfeeding with Kristina and Chris Porter

March 28, 2018




Was anyone blindsided by the postpartum experience?


This is a home birth story with conversation on what can happen after baby arrives and how you can use your empowering birth experience to support you in challenging postpartum times.


In this episode we’re chatting with Kristina and Chris Porter, parents to baby Madeline. Fun fact: Madeline and Maya have the same birthday - just one year apart!


Kristina was first introduced to the concept of home birth through a college professor that she connected with. That led her to the library, researching birth, watching “The Business of Being Born” and thinking about her future birth plans.


When she and Chris became pregnant, they thought about a birthing center for a bit, before deciding on “doing it at home.” Proximity actually played a part - their house was closer to the hospital than the birthing center in the event of a necessary transfer.


Aside from the beautiful birth story - which includes a doggy doula hopping into the birth tub and 20 minutes of pushing, Kristina and Chris open up about challenges in postpartum, particularly around breastfeeding. From a bout with mastitis to an abscess the size of a golf ball!


And while they can acknowledge that they didn’t feel so prepared for postpartum, they do recognize that they couldn’t have handled that difficult period it it weren’t for the magical type of birth experience that they had. This is a great example of using the energy from your birth to empower other areas of your life.


Thank you so much to Kristina, Chris and baby Madeline for being on the Doing It At Home podcast!


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