A Raw Conversation On New Motherhood

May 21, 2017



In this episode we're talking about mommy guilt, comparison and shame. We're kicking off a brand new series on the Doing It At Home podcast. Normally we talk about home birth, healthy pregnancy, and share home birth stories. But we also want to bring conversations about new parenthood because that's extremely relevant to many of our listeners (and also to ourselves). 


On episode 45 Matthew and I interviewed new mom Monica Smith, and me and Monica really hit it off. So much so that we started having weekly phone calls where we opened up to one another about the challenges we were facing in new motherhood. The conversations were so honest and raw that we decided to record them for you all, because we know we're not the only ones with these feelings.


So what you're hearing is a recorded conversation between Monica and myself. There is no structure to the call, we're simply sharing from our hearts how we're feeling in the moment. In this episode we talk about mommy guilt, comparison and shame.


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