HOME BIRTH STORY: A Second Home Birth and Postpartum Life with a Baby and a Toddler with Sam Peters

May 30, 2018



If you have a successful home birth, does that mean the next one is completely free of fear and anxiety?


Simple answer: no! Extension to the simple answer: every woman, baby and birth is different and it all depends on a number of things.


In today’s episode we’re chatting with Sam Peters, a DIAH vet mama who joined us back in episode 70 to share the home birth story of her son Brooks and how she was preparing for the birth of her second baby, also at home.

Sam describes some of the details surrounding everything of Brooks’s birth as “blissful ignorance.” For this second birth, a little bit more fear and anxiety crept in.


We get into the birth story that includes a lot of elements of natural induction, so for those of you interested in how that works, this is a great episode for you - from the Foley balloon to oils.


We also talk about the transition from one child to two and some of the initial postpartum experience. Also some of the things she and her husband Brady did differently the second time around to set boundaries with friends and family.


Show Notes:


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