A Talk About Birth and Boobs with Badass Breastfeeder’s Abby Theuring

February 21, 2018



If you were a part of a Facebook group for breastfeeding mamas, would you be surprised to be kicked out of the group for sharing a photo of yourself breastfeeding in public? Probably...right?


Well, so was Abby Theuring when that happened to her. So she turned that surprise (and a mix of other emotions - as a new mom in a group supposedly designed to support and encourage), and created something with it - her own space for sharing empowered breastfeeding content. Her blog, The Badass Breastfeeder, has its own following now of over 270k followers on Facebook and over 60k on Instagram.


To take a step back, Abby became a mom with the birth of her first son, Jack, whom she had in a hospital. The experience was a traumatic one and left Abby feeling like “a shell of a woman.” Not to mention, the breastfeeding journey was a challenging one that started out with a lot of anxiety and emotional turmoil.


She reached out to her local La Leche League group, found resources and experts who could answer her questions, support and encourage her, and within a few weeks she was exclusively breastfeeding Jack.


When it came time to give birth to her second son, Exley, Abby wanted a home birth. It felt more normal for her, like she was able to figure out how to properly move a baby out. And now with Jack 6 ½ years old and Exley 3 ½, she is still nursing both boys.


We talk about her own journey of breastfeeding, answer some taboo questions and touch on how our culture confuses the perceived norms with nature. Also, fun fact: breasts are not sexual organs (though mainstream media might want us to believe differently). Abby’s message, “You can’t control a breastfeeding mom and that’s threatening.” Keep on with your badass self, Abby! We love you for it! Listen in because it’s a stellar episode.


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