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May 9, 2017




In this episode, we’re chatting with Kim Newing - a teacher, intuitive coach and creator of hypnotic meditations for women who want more from their lives.


I found Kim from a Facebook post of a video of her home birth (link to video is in our show notes on our website). This video brought me to tears and I knew we had to have her on the show. The video was the home birth of her third daughter, Harper. Kim is mother to two other girls, Charlotte and Page. Kim, her husband Jess and their girls live in Brisbane, Australia (if you haven’t noticed, we’ve had quite a few amazing interviews with women from Australia - it’s rising steadily to the top of our list of places we need to visit!).


Kim was a life coach for 11 years, and then her business took a slightly different trajectory after experiencing a miscarriage. Since then, she’s found a way to acknowledge the divine synchronistic events of life, and to birth something beautiful from the experience. Then, Mama Goddess was born!


Mama Goddess is Kim’s movement - a way to address the lack of nurturing many women have towards themselves. It’s also an awakening for women to love and honor themselves.


Kim’s goal is to help women feel whole and empowered in the preparation and experience of birth. To do this, she has just launched her Sacred Birthing Program, an audio series for conscious women to want to experience a “divine and empowered birthing experience.” In this program, Kim is there with you to say, “I see you and I know what you’re capable of.”


Kim is really about the spirituality of birth, and her experiences and knowledge are so valuable and we’re grateful to share it with our listeners.


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