Birth Roundup: Royal Home Birth, Birth Photography and Just Being Our Goofy Selves

March 4, 2018




What’s new in the birth world? What’s the latest and greatest? Or to quote a classic film of our time (Mean Girls) - “What’s the 411? What has everybody been up to? What's the hot gossip? Tell me everything.”


This is a very fun, goofy, chill and laid back episode. Matthew and I are just riffing on some things that we’ve recently heard about, read about, or chatted about with listeners of the show.


These things include the talk of Kate Middleton opting for a home (castle...but still a home!) birth, the winners of the recent Birth Becomes Her photo contest (one of our show guests Christina Benton is included in the esteemed list of fantastic photographers!) and we talk birth and one of our favorite shows - The Office. Because why not?


So if you tend to like our goofy, ridiculous banter that sometimes pops up on the show, you’ll definitely love this episode!


Show Notes:




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