Breaking Up With Your OBGYN When You're Choosing Home Birth

March 30, 2017




Matthew and I LOVE our listener emails. Seriously, they energize us and inspire us to keep bringing you all awesome content. On the days when we’re feeling under the weather (like Matthew is in this episode - notice the deep, raspy voice) and sleep deprived, we remember your questions and beautiful words of affirmation. They remind us of our mission - to create empowering conversation around home birth and to inspire other moms and families to choose the birth plan that resonates most with them after understanding their options.


Enter a great listener email from Hannah. Hannah and her husband were going the hospital birth route, until the details and stipulations around the birthing plan didn’t jive with them. On top of that, they’re exploring how to have the conversation with their general doctor on moving forward with care for baby after birth. You see, their doctor doesn’t support home birth.


So how should they move forward? Should they continue to work with the doctor in hopes she’ll be comfortable with treating baby, despite not being on board with home birth? Or do they even worry about it, given all the other things going on?

Matthew and I read our response to them and share our feedback. We also give some clear action items for how Hannah and her husband can proceed with their plan from a space of love and understanding.


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