Breech Home Births and Misconceptions Around Midwives with Paula Schnebelt, LM

June 12, 2018



If your baby is in a breech position, can you still give birth at home?


That answer varies from woman to woman and state to state. But breech alone does not need to be a factor that removes all of your options. It’s a variation of normal. And we’re chatting about that today with our guest Paula Schnebelt, Licensed Midwife and the midwife who cared for DIAH mama Brooke Nielsen in the birth story from episode 142.


So not only do we get to hear from the birthworker behind the scenes of a story we’ve had on the show, but we get to chat about a lot of misconceptions around birth and midwives. We talk about watching midwifery change over the years and how midwives are perceived and received today.


We chat about the difference between a doula and a midwife, the importance of both and how licensure changes and laws vary across states in the U.S.


And get this - Paula has 5 daughter, 3 of whom were born at home. And one of them is pregnant, planning a home birth with Paula as her midwife. And this same daughter is studying to become a midwife under Paula’s tutelage.


How cool is that?!



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