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January 2, 2018






How do you turn the trauma from one birth experience into a trusting, healing HBAC?


Diana Tayan shares with us in today’s episode how she did just that. She takes us through the journey of both of her pregnancies and births of her sons Arakel and Rama.


First off, she and her husband Brad found out they were pregnant with baby number one shortly before getting married, and despite not feeling 100 percent in her first trimester, this didn’t change the plans to wed at Burning Man (how cool is that?!).


Diana has considered herself to always be interested in birth. So when planning for her own, they decided to do it at home. After a day and a half of labor, something felt off. Once they implemented plan B and transferred to the hospital, Diana felt the energy shift and her autonomy taken away. She experienced “the cascade of interventions” - pitocin and an eventual cesarean which prompted her to move into a sort of survival mode where she remembers feeling violated in an extreme and horrifying way. Baby Arakel arrived safely and healthy, but Diana was left with feelings of PTSD postpartum.


When it came time to plan for her second birth, Diana had some healing to do. While scared of another similar situation, she still had this powerful and innate trust in birth and in her body’s ability. Through a series of connections and alignment, she found a midwife who would work with her to support her in an HBAC. Diana got her home birth. And in a word, it was “ecstacy.”


Listen in to hear our conversations on birth trauma - how it’s a thing to be acknowledged and honored. Also that birth itself is safe. And the work to heal through all of it.




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