Cannabis Usage During Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum

June 17, 2018



What are your thoughts on cannabis usage during pregnancy, birth or postpartum?


Maybe you haven’t even thought about it before, or known it was a thing (Sarah and Matthew raise both hands lol).

A listener reached out recently and asked us to cover this topic. She was curious about other mamas who have used cannabis and can speak to their experience.


We were able to get 3 perspectives, which we share and go over. The difference between CBD and TCH and using cannabis for conditions ranging from anxiety to hyperemesis gravidarum. Plus we get into a little bit of history on cannabis usage in pregnancy and birth (get this - it’s traced back to as far as 2000 BCE!).


There’s a lot of opinion and stigma around this conversation as you might guess. We are not recommending or condemning anyone when it comes to cannabis. You do you! So we ask that you keep a compassionate and open mind. And also be kind to us as we are not experts in cannabis, so we did our best distilling some of the research. Please feel free to reach out with any more you’d like to add to this subject!


Here are the links to the articles we used and referenced for this episode:





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