Celebrating and Reflecting on One Year of Parenthood

September 17, 2017



Matthew and I have been parents for a whole year now! This past week we celebrated Maya’s 1st birthday, the anniversary of the Doing It At Home podcast and one year of navigating parenthood together.


So we share some of our memories, insights and takeaways of what happens when the home birth is over. How we experienced the first few weeks of having a baby. The crash course in adjusting to the new normal of our life. We talk about what it felt like to be new parents, how we used that time to connect with each other, how we dealt with the new sleep schedule and the postpartum healing and recovery period.


We also touch on how our relationship has changed and evolved with the new roles and responsibilities. There have definitely been some dynamic shifts! From our experience: babies magnify everything!


And if we thought there was a lot of feedback and unsolicited advice from friends and family when we were pregnant and birth planning...ha! Parenthood opens the doors to a whole new world of opinions.


To wrap it up, we share some of our favorite things about being parents. Because yes, there are challenges and trials. But we like to end on a high note, and remember that we very much wanted to have a baby and to experience this thing together. It’s been an amazing ride and we know it’s just the beginning! So join us in this episode that veers from the path of strict home birth conversation, but it’s still so relevant and a part of the Doing It At Home mindset.




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The Balanced Mama Moments Audio Series




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