Changing Our Culture Around Postpartum with The Fourth Trimester Podcast’s Esther Gallagher

March 13, 2018



Why do we expect women in our culture to get everything back together right after she has a baby? Whether it’s her body, work or anything resembling her lifestyle before motherhood, there is a lot of misconception and skewed conversation around the postpartum period.


But podcasts like the Fourth Trimester Podcast, hosted by Sarah Trott and Esther Gallegher are changing that narrative. And in today’s episode, we’re chatting with Esther about the fourth trimester: what it is, why it’s important to learn about it and provide stellar care to mamas and families during it.


Esther, a professional doula of over 25 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, had her own two children at home. And over her time in the birth world, she has worked primarily with new moms in supporting them in this new stage of their lives.


We talk about how a lot of well-intentioned care in the birthworld can be so focused on the baby, and while this is important, the mother needs to be focused on too. We need to learn, collectively as a society, to make women and mothers matter more.


We’ve received a lot of great feedback from listeners recently on wanting to hear more about postpartum. Well this is a perfect episode for that - how to plan for your postpartum (not just your birth!) and how to make sure you as a mama are well taken care of.


And go check out The Fourth Trimester podcast with hosts Esther and Sarah!




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