HOME BIRTH STORY: Choosing Faith Over Fear During Pregnancy and Birth with Caryn Ragin

October 21, 2017



In this episode we are chatting with Caryn Ragin, wife to Dadrick and mama to baby Deborah. Caryn shares her journey to home birth, one that was not the most straight and narrow. She and her husband are a military family and became pregnant for the first time while in Korea. Caryn had a miscarriage, and through that process she found the entire thing to be very medical and without sympathy. They didn’t want that experience again, so when they became pregnant for the second time, they sought out different options.


Back in the states, they were referred to a midwife and found care providers that could support them in healing from the trauma of the previous experience and have faith in the baby and in Caryn’s body’s ability to carry to term and birth a healthy baby.


One of my favorite quotes from the episode is “Let your faith be bigger than your fear.” Something that Caryn shared and seems like it guided her through her experience of pregnancy and birth.


Caryn also shares her process of dealing with cholestasis, a condition in which in the liver cannot properly filter and therefore toxins are being released into your system and potentially impacting the baby.


She’s a great example of being your own advocate for the type of birth you want to experience and how others can follow your lead in supporting you. And loving your body!


Thank you so much to Caryn for hanging out with us on the Doing It At Home podcast.



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