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September 6, 2017





We love the little synchronicities that the universe throws out there. Like publishing this episode right after our previous episode - completely unplanned. If you missed our last episode (no.82), we spoke with Jessicca Moore, the creator of the documentary, “Why Not Home?” a film that explores the decisions of hospital birth care providers (nurses, doctors, midwives, etc.) who chose home birth.


Well in this episode, we have Alyssa’s story. The synchronicity that we mentioned? Alyssa is a registered nurse, with most of her experience in the postpartum and nursery units. Our conversation with Alyssa is the perfect follow up to our interview with Jessicca last week, where we talk about birth professionals choosing home birth. Alyssa is this person! How awesome is that?


And Alyssa is super knowledgeable. We were just in awe of all the information she has and can rattle off. There’s so much that we included parts of her emails and additional resources in the extra notes with the episode on our website.


Alyssa shares her passion for birth with us along with her journey of pregnancy and birth for her daughter Zoey with her husband Chris. They actually switched over to a home birth plan and midwifery model of care in the third trimester (so it’s never too late for you to use the care provider that aligns best with you!). Like many of our guests, Chris and Alyssa watched “Business of Being Born.” Chris’s response, “We can do this. Let’s just do it at home!” We like his style!


Alyssa has firsthand experience of what it feels like to choose home birth, when you work in an environment that does not typically support it. Fears, reactions and judgements from friends, family, co-workers come up in our talk. Also what evidence-based practice is about, the details around informed consent and why birth is not a pathological process. Alyssa’s amazing birth experience and fascinating perspective given her profession make this a must-listen episode!




Great follow up email from Alyssa with awesome resources:


Thank you so so much again for having me on the show! I was just thinking about the water birth controversy we touched on and wanted to give you a few links that you might possibly consider linking up to just so listener’s might get a little more info about the whole controversy since I didn’t know the exact info (nurse fail, lol). There is TONS of info out there, but three particular resources stood out that might help and are mostly written in plain English so people don’t have to have a PhD or law degree to understand, lol


1- Here is an article from the St. Louis Post Dispatch in 2014 that basically just summarizes the issue and the two “sides" ACOG (American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) and midwives/birth centers (especially the AABC - American Association of Birth Centers) without tons of bias. Basically an unbiased summary of the situation.




2- And if people want to go a lot more in depth, here’s the info where AACOG specifically talks about water labors/births and their recommendation against them due to having too little research and evidence to make a well informed decision.




3- Lastly, an article from a really informative site called Evidence Based Birth. In this she summarizes the issue also and at the end of the article literally goes point by point, rationally and clearly referring to major errors in ACOG’s research and misrepresentation of research findings (which is really frowned upon in the medical community.. Though apparently not frowned upon enough to stop them from doing it!). She provides TONS of exact citations to studies and articles so you can clearly follow her evidence and argument point by point. The amount of research she clearly put into this is incredible!






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