HOME BIRTH STORY: Choosing to Transfer to a Hospital After a Long Labor at Home with Thea Robnett

August 30, 2017




In today’s episode we’re chatting with Thea. She and her husband Alex planned for a home birth for their daughter Harley. They envisioned a peaceful, serene environment. Calm, soothing and she knew she wanted water.


The decision to home birth was influenced by an awesome naturopath that she had been working with.


Health and wellness is big for Thea - having her masters in integrative health and healing. So it was important that she have the type of care and plan that aligned best with her wellbeing.


In addition to her birth planning and story, Thea shares part of her journey of a miscarriage before having Harley. She was firm on experiencing a natural miscarriage. We talk about how to support someone with a miscarriage, an area that a lot of people don’t know how to approach or handle, despite great intentions and desire to help.


Thea’s labor was long and tiring. She eventually made the decision to transfer to a hospital. She reminded herself, “I chose to be here.” And with that awareness, she was able to stand in her power and advocate for herself to still ultimately have the experience she wanted. She ended up at peace with the decision and was not disappointed. And we can understand - because when you see baby Harley, you’ll get it!


Thank you to Thea for being another beautiful tale in our collection of home birth narrative - showing that every experience is so unique, beautiful and powerful in its own right.




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