HOME BIRTH STORY: Crunchy Moms, Community and Placenta Previa with Danielle Turk-Bly

March 7, 2017





Danielle is a self described “crunchy” mom of two beautiful boys, and is currently pregnant with baby number 3.


Her first birth was in a birthing center. When it came time to plan for the second pregnancy, she and her husband Ryan made the shift to home birth. Despite Ryan being a little bit more conservative than Danielle, he was fully on board and in support of the decision.


Danielle doesn’t revel in “going against the grain” or defying anyone else’s way of going about things. She just simply does what resonates most with her. I really appreciate that perspective, because often times you think that home birth is the choice as a result of a defiance or rebellion against something. Danielle’s example is a powerful one in just being proactive and true to yourself.


We talk about all kinds of things from the birth planning to cloth diapering and homeschooling, running while pregnant, facing your fear demons around birth, placenta previa and how that has been impacting her current pregnancy, having a community of like-minded people to support you, cultivating your voice for what you want, and intimacy with your partner during pregnancy.


And heads up - Danielle has thought about doing a podcast of her own. This is something we totally support and will definitely update you on when she decides to jump into that venture!


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