Education, Empowerment, Support and a Home Birth Story with Yukie McGregor, Founder of Dallas Birth Guide

February 7, 2018





What do you do when you become so passionate about birth that you are essentially compelled to dive into the work and make it part of who you are?


Yukie McGregor answers that question for us in today’s episode. And for her - that looked like starting Dallas Birth Guide, an online and local resource tool for mothers in maternity, labor, birth and beyond.


She shares the journey of Dallas Birth Guide, along with how her own story is interwoven into its fabric. It was her pregnancy with her daughter Elena that sparked this mission that eventually led to the thriving community that is now Dallas Birth Guide.


So not only do we get to hear about the incredible work that she and her team are up to and what their future plans are (hint: they involve every major city in the country!), we get the added bonus of hearing her birth story!


Show Notes:



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