HOME BIRTH STORY: Empowered Birth Doesn’t Mean It Went According to Plan with Brooke Nielsen (Part 2)

May 2, 2018










How do you cope with the potential frustrations of things not going according to plan?


Today we’re jumping back into conversation with Brooke Nielsen, a DIAH mama from episode 111 where we talked about her preparation for a home birth with her first baby.


We get to hear about the weeks leading up to birth and some changes that shifted some things around a bit. Like baby being in a breech position and not flipping.


Brooke and her husband Jorden practiced letting go. Releasing their plan and surrendering to a greater one. In the decision to go to the hospital, they made sure they brought elements of home with them and asked for what they wanted throughout the whole process.


Brooke found and used her voice in the experience, making tough decisions but staying empowered throughout it and into her cbirth.


She’s candid and heartfelt in her sharing - describing some of the struggles after her cbirth - some guilt, feeling like she lost and opportunity and didn’t actually “birth” her daughter Henley. We also talk about postpartum life and ways mamas can love on themselves in this new journey. It’s a powerful conversation and we’re so honored to bring you the second part of Brooke’s birth journey.


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