HOME BIRTH STORY: Experiencing Home Birth and Hospital Birth as a Midwife with Sophia Williams

November 15, 2018



What’s it like for a midwife to experience her own birth?


In today’s birth story, we’re chatting with Sophia Williams, a midwife, doula and published photographer.


Sophia walks us through her entrance into birth work, and then how becoming a doula and eventually studying to become a midwife influenced her own birth choices.


There are certainly some twists throughout Sophia’s stories. From a home birth with her son Benjamin to her post birth hospital transfer to remove her placenta and then back to the hospital for baby Benjamin after his breathing was off. This took Sophia and her husband Spencer down a challenging road with Benjamin and his VACTERL Association, a disorder affecting multiple body systems. And when Benjamin was 8 months old, Sophia became pregnant with their second child, their daughter Gracie, who was born premature via cesarean.


Sophia is an incredibly inspiring and strong mama. There are many many times that you hear us say “WOW,” in this episode. Because it’s that moving.






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