Father's Day Special Edition: Doing It At Home for Dad’s

June 19, 2017






Today’s episode is for the papas out there. We take some time to wish all of you dads out there a very happy and blessed Father’s Day. So grab your husband, boyfriend, partner, (or even a key member of your birth team who will serve in a main support role) and huddle up together to listen to this episode.


We put the spotlight on Matthew, interviewing him on some of his experience and advice on moving into fatherhood, particularly as it relates to planning for home birth.


We go through the general stages of the process like when you’re deciding to have babies or when you find out you’re pregnant. Then what it’s like to move through the pregnancy and create a plan and vision for birthing time. And finally, as you might guess, birth itself and the time immediately following.


There are a lot of ways you can show up to support mama during this amazing, beautiful, transformative phase of life. You can assume the role that fits you and your personality best, while providing substantial love and support.


Do you feel called to research, ask questions, learn more? Or maybe you’re more comfortable just being that solid source of support, following along and surrendering the rest?


One huge thing to take away - ask for help, support, feedback, hugs...whatever it is when you need it! Find people who can provide you with positive conversation….like ohhh I don’t know...your friendly Doing It At Home podcast duo?! Reach out if you have any questions or want to talk - we’re here for ya! 



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