HOME BIRTH STORY: First Time Mother and Labor and Delivery Nurse on the Safety of Home Birth with Corrie Oyinloye

January 15, 2019


Why would a labor and delivery nurse choose home birth?


There are quite a few reasons, at least for today’s guest Corrie Oyinloye. Corrie has been a labor and delivery nurse for 10 years. And two years ago, she chose home birth for the birth of her daughter, Rachel.


While working in the hospital, Corrie saw how midwives’ rights were being taken away. She also did her own research and found home birth to be a safer for mothers, and just as safe for babies. That in combination with her feelings around delivering in a hospital, given all she knew and had seen in the hospital setting. The fact is that many hospital birth workers suffer from PTSD from the trauma they’ve witnessed. Some of this hospital-induced anxiety moved Corrie towards exploring home birth for herself.


Corrie’s story also includes creating the space for her husband Gabe to feel confident in the decision, a move to a different state, prodromal labor, a cervical lip, occipito posterior position of baby and a double nuchal cord.




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