First-time Mom Preparing for Home Birth with Brooke Nielsen (Part 1)

December 26, 2017



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As a first-time mom, how do you navigate your birth options and then make the best decision for you and your family?


Well in this episode we explore that with Brooke Nielsen, first-time mama-to-be and wife to her husband Jordan.


Brooke reached out to us early in her pregnancy to share her excitement of planning her home birth for her first child. Our podcast even helped prepare her and Jordan for sharing their intentions to home birth with their families (we love when we can be a part of the journey!).


Like a lot of mamas we have on the show (and probably majority of home birthers over the past 10 years), Brooke watched “The Business of Being Born” and was, as she puts it “100 percent for home birth.” She and Jordan fell in love with a local midwife and have been working with her to envision their birth day.


We also have some fun in this episode when the tables turn a bit and Brooke asks us questions based on our home birth experience and some advice we’d give to those planning their (first) home birth.


And stay tuned because at the time we air this, Brooke is getting very close to her “guess date.” So we’ll be doing a followup to hear baby Nielsen’s birth story. Enjoy!

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