Followup to Our Episode on Hyperemesis Gravidarum and Listener Emails

May 19, 2018



When did you first learn what Hyperemesis Gravidarum was?


For us, it was when Kate Middleton was suffering from it during her pregnancy. But even then we didn’t know much about it or the extent to which it can impact a pregnant mama.


Fast forward to one of our recent episodes, number 136, where we interviewed Jennifer Griffin about her experiences with HG, and our eyes were really opened. It seems to have struck a chord with listeners as well - both those who have and have not experienced it themselves.


So in this episode we’re reading a listener email from Katie, sharing some of her HG story.


I like this topic a lot because it calls upon us to be compassionate and understanding with everyone’s differing experience. To empathize and be grateful.


Also, if any of you listeners have any followup questions, comments, things you want us to talk about and expand upon from any previous episodes: home birth stories, interviews with experts or any of our solo chats, please please please reach out so we can address it on the show!


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