HOME BIRTH STORY: Fulfilling the Deep Desire to Have a Home Birth with Brianna and Joe Larsen

December 12, 2017



In this episode I chat with Brianna and Joe Larsen: a mommy-daddy pair and parents to their girls Audrey and Jenna.


It almost feels like I’m welcoming back Brianna to the show, because she’s been on it in a way. Back in episode 44 we read an email that Brianna wrote to us about the birth of her first daughter Audrey (link to episode 44 in show notes). In their first birth, they planned for a birthing center and eventually made the decision to transfer to the hospital where they were able to create a beautiful experience despite some surprises and deviations from the plan.


So now, we have both Brianna and Joe to talk about their second birth, and they did it at home! This birth was the opportunity to fulfill a deep desire for a home birth self-empowerment for Brianna. And get this - Joe himself is a home birth baby! So bringing a more holistic approach and trust in the way God designed our bodies, he was in full support of the process. To use Brianna’s words, “Joe always says we can do anything we put our minds to... he has climbed mountains and done some intense stuff. We have hiked a lot together and taken lots of camping trips, including ones during my pregnancy. So, this home birth just felt like the next adventure we were ready to have together!”


We talk about the focus they had on health and positive mindset during their pregnancy and birth preparation. They were also intentional with prayer and empowering content….like listening to our podcast!


To give some context around the differences in their two births: Brianna pushed for 10 hours during Audrey’s birth and 45 minutes for Jenna’s. Wow! Jenna’s birth was so quick in fact that Brianna couldn’t really believe it was happening so soon and had trouble wrapping her head around her body pushing on its own!


And Joe was very involved. Earning the title of “daddy doula,” he was right there supporting Brianna through the whole experience. And Jenna Rae (her middle name comes from Brianna’s amazing Aunt Rachel, whom she is very close to. Aunt Rachel herself had 4 out of 6 children at home. Brianna acknowledges her as an inspiration to her and a total rockstar mama.


The whole thing brought about a sense of gratitude for Brianna and the whole family. And we’re so honored that we are able to share her story with you!


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