HOME BIRTH STORY: Gestational Diabetes, Birth Center Transfer and Multiple Water Breaks with Renee and Sean Kleve

December 6, 2017




In this episode we have another mom and dad conversation. Sean and Renee Kleve share the story of their pregnancy and birth of their first baby, their son Mason. Mason is just 4 weeks old at the time of this interview, so we are very grateful to both Sean and Renee for taking the time to hang out with us on the Doing It At Home podcast.

There are a lot of really cool elements to their story. For one thing, Sean had watched “Business of Being Born” long before meeting Renee, just out of curiosity and had started to plant the seed for a potential home birth somewhere down the line.


Once Sean and Renee finally got together and were planning for their pregnancy, they found a midwife and a doula and intended to “do it at home.”


One thing that popped up was a diagnosis of gestational diabetes. This was a bit frustrating at first, given the couple’s vegan lifestyle and the potential risks of pursuing a home birth with GD. Through their own diligent management (it was a team approach and Sean was incredibly active in supporting Renee through this), they were able to kick the GD in 2-3 weeks, and were okayed by doctors to proceed with a home birth.


When birth day came around, Renee’s water broke, but then nothing seemed to happen. They went to the chiropractor, they tried castor oil...and then suddenly labor intensified and ramped all the way up.


They noticed baby Mason’s heart rate was dropping a little bit. And it was a challenge for Renee to keep up with fluids. Tired and needing some help to stay hydrated, the team made the decision to transfer to a birthing center with midwifery care.


Fun fact about this birth: Renee’s waters would end up reforming not once, but two more times.

After an IV and trying as much as they could, they went with a c-section.


One thing that I love about Sean and Renee is their attitude towards birth. They look at home birth as more of a philosophy rather than a location. We absolutely agree with this and love that they are sharing their story with us and all of you. So give it a listen, and thank you so much to Sean, Renee and baby Mason!


Show Notes:

  • The beautiful photos that accompany this episode (over on www.diahpodcast.com) are from Strom Strandell

Who else feels that motherhood can be a mother$%#&@!?














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