Giving Women Confidence to Birth with Paige LoPinto of BirthTube

November 22, 2017




In this episode I chat with Paige LoPinto, mama of 2 and creator of BirthTube, a private Facebook group dedicated to connecting women through pregnancy and birth, specifically by livestreaming births of members of the group.

It all started when Paige was pregnant with her second child, her daughter Savvy. Preparing for her second home birth (she had her son Jax at home as well), she started a Facebook group to chronicle her pregnancy and birth preparation journey.


Paige and I talk about the decision to home birth, and we have a few laughs over what people generally expect a home birth mom and family to look and be like. For her and her husband Tim, home birth was determined to be the safest option for their family after research and discussion. Also, Paige candidly shares, “I knew I was a badass, and I wanted to prove it!” And so, not only did their family and large birth team get to experience their second home birth, but a live Facebook audience got a front row seat to the event!


Paige described it like “having 100 doulas” there for her to cheer her on and support her. After the birth of her daughter Savvy, Paige evolved the Facebook group - changed its name to BirthTube and has since grown the group to over 15,000 members! Women can join the group to follow others’ pregnancy and birth journeys. And they have the option to livestream their births for the group.


What this tells us is that women and society are hungry for connection as it relates to empowering birth conversation. We want to learn about and see birth. Just think about April the pregnant giraffe that the whole country was watching in play-by-play. What Paige is doing through BirthTube is important work, and it aligns a lot with our mission here at Doing It At Home.


BirthTube is about shedding light on birth - showing that there isn’t just one way to give birth. Paige wants this to be a source of empowerment -- a place to give women the confidence to birth. And as a way to provide educational resources.


We can’t wait to see all of the awesome and exciting things that Paige will create and all the families that BirthTube will support and influence!


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