HOME BIRTH STORY: How Home Birth is a “Hands-On Experience” with Megan Hebenstreit

February 6, 2017





Megan Hebenstreit is a straight shooter - she’s very real and super clear about her decision to go with home birth and how she experienced it.


She’s also known from a younger age that she was interested in home birth - something Matthew and I haven’t heard very often in our conversations with women and families. So that’s really exciting and inspiring!


One of the biggest things you get from Megan when you hear her birth stories is that birth has been so empowering for her. You also get to hear the difference in experience with her two births. One was relatively quiet, and in the other she thought her body was going to explode! Just goes to show how no birth story is the same, even for the same woman.


Megan’s honest story covers all manners of things many who choose home birth encounter like: resistance from family, conversations around the female body and its ability to know what it’s doing, and the physical experiences of a challenging pregnancy that make birth seem like “a breeze.”


Megan lives in Austin, Texas with her husband Ian and her two daughters, Amelia and Macy.


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